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    NIHR MindTech 2017 Mental Health Technology Symposium

    7th December 2017, London

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    Ongoing MindTech & James Lind Alliance Project


    Digital Technology for Mental Health: Asking the right questions

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    MindTech publications online

    MindTech's papers, reports & meeting presentations or posters can all be found on this website and most are open access so do take a look

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MindTech Healthcare Technology Co-operative is a national centre focussing on the development, adoption and evaluation of new technologies for mental healthcare and dementia. It was established in 2013 and is funded by the National Institute for Healthcare Research. MindTech brings together healthcare professionals, researchers, industry and the public.

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MindTech in brief

MindTech is one of 8 NIHR Healthcare Technology Co-operatives in England, each concentrating on different areas of unmet need.

We aim to identify unmet clinical needs in mental health and dementia, to collaborate on developing and testing a range of new technologies, and to provide advice and knowledge exchange to help increase their adoption.

We are currently focussing on technologies for dementia, mood disorders (such as depression and anxiety), neurodevelopmental disorders (such as Tourette Syndrome and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and our latest fourth theme is young people and paediatrics. However, we are interested in all aspects of mental health.

The MindTech team has a range of clinical and technical expertise and we also have an active Involvement Team and wider network of service users and representatives from patient organisations.


Healthcare Technology Co-operatives are centres of expertise that focus on clinical areas where there is high unmet need for NHS patients.

The aims of the NIHR Healthcare Technology Co-operatives are to:

  • act as a catalyst for NHS "pull" for the development of new medical devices, healthcare technologies and technology-dependent interventions.
  • focus on clinical areas and/or themes of high morbidity which have high potential for improving quality of life of NHS patients and improving the effectiveness of healthcare services that support them.
  • work collaboratively with patients and patient groups, charities, industry and academics.

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