We work with clinicians across all areas of mental healthcare to identify clinical needs and to develop and/or test new products and devices. We also aim to provide professionals with up-to-date information about new or emerging technologies for improved diagnosis or treatment. This could include reviews of current products as well as signposting to possible future technological developments. We also want to bring clinicians together with industry, researchers and patients to develop new technologies and if you have ideas about possible projects or unmet needs then please contact us.

Our initial work is focused on three themes: neurodevelopmental disorders, mood disorders and dementia, but we are keen to work in all areas of mental health. We have team leads in each of these areas (See Our Team). We are currently working with colleagues in computer science to investigate how depression can be diagnosed and monitored through automated facial and voice analysis of affect. We are also researching how psychological therapy can be delivered via the internet or with avatars.