Thank you to everyone who participated in our launch symposium on Monday 11 November 2013.  The conference was attended by over 200 people from a range of backgrounds and included clinicians, service users, academics, SMEs/ technology developers, research funders and health policy makers. Here is information about our final programme.

Professor Chris Hollis: Introduction to MindTech

Dr Geraldine Strathdee: Keynote speech and launch of the NIHR MindTech HTC

Sarah Amani: 'My Journey' early intervention in psychosis (EIIP) app

Dr Sandra Bucci: Actissist - using mobile technology to deliver CBT for psychosis

Tony Doyle: Towards objective computerised assessment and management of ADHD – QbTest & Snappy App

Cynthia Joyce: Technological innovations and the pipeline of new treatments for mental health – putting our best foot forward

Professor Richard Morriss and Dr Michel Valstar: Automated facial expression analysis in depression – the future for assessment and therapy?

Professor Simon Lovestone: Repurposing of electronic data for dementia research - from London to Europe

Rebecca Cotton: e-Mental Health: what's happening and where are we heading?

Sue Dunkerton and Kevin Kiely: Funding for innovation

Ewan Davis: Digital tools for health – HANDI – supporting the architects of the digital health revolution

Dr Louise Wood: Keynote address - Delivering through the NIHR