Dr Caroline Falconer is a Research Fellow with MindTech and the University of Nottingham specialising in technological interventions for mental healthcare, incorporating design, implementation and evaluation.


Her current interests and projects in MindTech include:


  • Conceptualization, design and evaluation of Avatar Therapy. She is interested in embodiment, perspective talking and mentalizing processes that can be aided by virtual environments and avatars for the benefit of mental health. Caroline also has a particular interest in cultivating (self)compassion through virtual reality medium and mental imagery.


  • Design and evaluation of a digital platform for the delivery of behavioral therapy and self-monitoring for Tourette Syndrome and tic disorders.


  • Technological interactions with the Bodily Self for the benefit of mental health and wellbeing, namely, responsive architecture.


  • Gamification and gaming for promoting mental health and prosocial beahaviour.


Caroline was awarded her PhD (2012) in Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience from the University of Bern, Switzerland. Her area of expertise was the underlying mechanisms of bodily self-consciousness, with a particular focus on the contribution of multisensory signals. The multisensory integration of vestibular, visual, somatosensory, proprioceptive, and motor signals give rise to the perception of self-identity, agency and embodiment. She also specialized in imagery and embodiment as a function of top-down and bottom-up processes.

Caroline was awarded her undergraduate degree in Psychology (2008) from the University of St Andrews, Scotland.


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