MindTech is conducting ongoing projects with Big White Wall (BWW) which is an anonymous digital service that supports people experiencing common mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety. BWW offers a web-based peer support network (PSN). In some areas, BWW also offers live therapy involving one-to-one online therapy with experienced counsellors and therapists via webcam, audio or instant messaging. Read more for details of the two projects (one completed with final report, one recently begun):

1) Derbyshire Integrated Digital Mental Health Service Project (The Big White Wall).
This is an evaluation project with Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) services in Derbyshire, facilitated by Hardwick CCG and Derbyshire Healthcare Foundation NHS Trust. The project is funded by East Midlands Academic Health Sciences Network (EMAHSN) and Big White Wall. See http://www.oneeastmidlands.org.uk/node/4996 for a summary. MindTech is conducting the evaluation of service usage data from over 600 newly signed up users to the Peer Support Network and a pilot project involving the introduction of video-based Live Therapy conducted by existing face-to-face IAPT therapists. Completed project. May 2015-September 2016. Download MindTech's pdfEMAHSN Derbyshire Big White Wall Project - Final Evaluation Report - October 2016 

2)  REBOOT project in Nottinghamshire.
This study is being run by CLAHRC-EM (Collaboration for Leadership and Applied Health Research and Care – East Midlands), supported by MindTech, which is funded by the NHS to put research into practice as soon as possible if the findings are shown to be beneficial. REBOOT is a study set up to see whether Big White Wall is more or less effective in helping people if they are experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety, compared to freely available online information from the NHS (Moodzone). The study aims to recruit over 2000 people from the whole of Nottinghamshire who have symptoms of anxiety and depression. Half of those who agree to take part will be given access to Big White Wall for 6 months, the other half will be provided with web links to the NHS Moodzone pages. All participants will be asked to provide information about how they are feeling and other simple measures at particular time points over the course of 6 months. Recruitment to REBOOT Notts is expected to run from late summer 2016 until the end of 2017. More details: http://www.rebootnotts.com/

More details about the BWW service in general can be found on NHS Choices