MindTech brings researchers together with clinicians, patients and industry to develop new technologies for the treatment, diagnosis and management of mental health. We are interested in collaborative research and are pleased to be involved with grant proposals. We are also involved with advice and knowledge exchange.

We believe that the solutions to unmet mental healthcare needs lie in technologies from a wide variety of disciplines. This may include use of imaging technologies, exploiting 'big data' or interfacing to biosensors to enable objective and real-time monitoring solutions, as well as enhanced self-management. See our Technologies Overview for more about the technology landscape we are operating in.

The rapid rise in the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) in the general population means that there is now a huge opportunity to revolutionise mental healthcare. Implemented appropriately, this will empower patients and their families to control and manage their own conditions. So called 'e-health' or 'm-health' (electronic or mobile health), is the use of ICT to address health needs and may include smartphone applications, social media and gaming. We would be particularly keen to hear from you if you have an idea about how this type of technology can be applied to mental healthcare.