Bethan is one of our Research Fellows, and has a background in health psychology. She works in projects relating to evaluating digital technologies for children and young people’s mental health.

Bethan DaviesCurrently Bethan is taking a lead role as a therapist in our ORBIT (‘Online Remote Behavioural Intervention for Tics’) study, which is evaluating two online interventions for children and young people with Tourettes and tic disorders. She collaborates with external partners in developing and evaluating new technologies, including BfB Labs (in creating a new app for child anxiety in the Games for Anxiety project) and ProReal (trialing avatar-based therapy with young people).

Prior to joining MindTech, Bethan achieved a PhD in Applied Psychology looking at university students’ mental health and how online mental health resources could be used in this group. She continues to have a strong interest in how digital technologies may help in mental health promotion, prevention, treatment and recovery in children, teenagers and young people. Other than digital mental health, Bethan’s other research interests include evaluation of mental health training programs, university students’ mental health and perfectionism in students.

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