We aim to involve the public in all aspects of our work, from identifying unmet clinical needs to evaluating new products. MindTech has an Involvement Team including people with lived experience which meets regularly as a group and contributes in other ways, for example by supporting events, reviewing project proposals and getting involved in individual projects. Our involvement strategy is co-produced with the MindTech Involvement Team and is regularly reviewed.


Our strategy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Fred team cartoon crop

Our strategic aims for involvement at MindTech are to ensure that:

1. Our approach integrates the perspectives and priorities of those with lived experience of the conditions, problems and treatments we are seeking to improve.

2. Our work results in real patient benefit. 

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To do this, we take a multi-level approach including:

(i) the MindTech Involvement Team: a group of experienced involvement volunteers who contribute to the work of MindTech in various ways
(ii) involvement plans for individual projects: individual volunteers with an interest in a specific project (or mental health topic) work with researchers on a dedicated project
(iii) ways to identify patient priorities for technological innovation: staff and volunteers engage with service users and members of the public to explore priorities and unmet needs

Different ways to be involved with MindTech

There are three main ways of being involved with MindTech:

- Becoming a member of the MindTech Involvement Team
- Volunteering on specific projects
- Being part of our engagement network, and being kept up to date with MindTech news and events


Watch the video below to hear from members of our Involvement Team!


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